1. Excellent thoughts, Roland! I especially liked this: “… the fear of God actually holds no terror for those who love him”.

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  2. Roland, this article is so spot-on and the topic on fear and consequence is brilliantly clarified and simplified. A really exceptional writing that deeply investigates, no dissects, our fears and its subsequent consequences and influence over our lives. It strikes very deep chords within me. As I’ve been working for a while now to overcome my own fears following my experiences of two past redundancies in my career, which left my family and I in great need still to this day. Your writing on this topic clearly clarifies the consequences to me again for giving up on trying. It encourage/reinforce me to continue on this perilous journey and to regain/maintain courage to stay on course, and to keep on honouring our wonderful maker.
    Very-very well written … 🤔💡
    Thank you very much my dear friend for this inspiration, Gazza


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