1. I have no doubt this is a way to respond to evil governments or authorities and God can use it to mould and shape his children and also use it to further fulfil his will over cities and the nations and within his time and framework. But God can equally use the resistance shown by activists including Christians who do not submit to the authorities’ demands and jurisdictions. Even scripture tells us individuals including Jesus defied the authorities at times. So, there has to be more to it. Besides the interpretation of Romans 13 and the meaning of submit, which in context can be variously interpreted, there are also instances throughout history where good changes have followed because of resistance and also bad changes when people passively accepted the dictates of the governing authorities. I tend to think based on God’s word and history, that God allows resistance against evil and corruption as well. The fact of democratic, more participatory ways of governing, under which many in the western world operate ideally at least, and which God allowed, show a different form of government then say a communistic more submissive approach and people under each regime can be expected to act and react differently. The point about Satan is always relevant which ever approach we make. Our ultimate battle is with him, not flesh and blood and our focus and prayer should be to be in Christ to not only bear any hardship and suffering imposed, personally or corporately, but to resist him and allow God to overcome his dominion which we by the eyes of faith in the finished work of Christ, know God already has won. As long as God gets the glory by our true submission to him and his Kingdom is reflected and growing, our reactions passive or active are subsumed in God’s amazing good purposes and will.


  2. Hi Ron, thanks for your reply. Whilst I agree that a Western Democracy might afford a greater freedom for Christians to counter evil (legally), I would argue that this ‘resistance’ is not in line with God’s kingdom methods (see my previous article on Resisting the Government: Is it ever right?). In this article I argue (from Scripture) that those who ‘appeared to resist’ the evil authorities, where really choosing between two obediences: God and the State. They chose the greater obedience, so their actions were not defined by an attitude of defiance, disobedience, or resistance. As for the record of history: The history of the Christian church in association with political power is blood-stained and shameful–for the most part. Yes, you could cite William Wilberforce’s political action on Slavery, and yes that did deliver material benefits to the enslaved, but is also birthed a politically oriented evangelical movement who tended to rely on political activism more than God’s power. Moreover, I have personally seen the dark-side of Christian activism, and I can say it is most unattractive and ungodly. So,whilst I respect your thoughts, I will remain true to my convictions–that is, the Kingdom of God can only be advanced via kingdom methods. God Bless you.


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