About the Author

Hello, my name is Roland Lowther. I am an Australian Christian author who focuses on writing Christian material from a practical perspective. I love engaging subjects and issues relevant to Christians’ daily lives and seek to draw on spiritually discerned, biblically based truth; aiming to discuss it at the intersection of theory and practice.

A little about myself: I became a Christian in 1985, since that time I have trained for and been involved in: cross-cultural mission work with Aboriginal people in Northern Australia, Pastoral ministry in churches in regional Australian, academic research at the University of Queensland (completing a PhD on the subject of Living by the Spirit set in the context of Reformed Christianity) and writing a series of books, published by Paternoster UK, on the Holy Spirit: Spirit and Life, Spirit and Gospel, and Spirit and Truth (due 2020).

The most significant aspect of my life’s work, has involved and continues to involve, coming to terms with living out my faith as an obedient servant of Jesus Christ in the context of every day life. In fact, I believe the greatest challenge facing Christians today is the ability to clearly discern God’s truth in the ever confusing environment of a  rapidly changing world and then effectively live for Jesus in that context.

Having engaged theoretical study at all levels, I have discovered that pure academic theory does little to help most Christians in their daily walk. Indeed, it is often so esoteric that it actually encourages a disconnect between theory and practice and leaves many Christians to abandon potentially sound theological reflection, only to seek out and embrace easy to understand pragmatic solutions to daily living; solutions often laden with doctrinal error.

Consequently, I have made it my mission to  specialize in writing theology that enables Christians to better understand the practical dimensions of  in depth theological reflection and consequently  live more fruitfully for God.

It is my heartfelt desire to assist you to come to know Christ more comprehensively through spiritually discerned reflection on the Word of God, enabling you to clearly understand His will for your life, that you might stand firm in the faith and persevere in the face of confusion and opposition; as you look forward to the Lord’s ultimate commendation: ‘ Well done good and faithful servant.’






  1. Thank you for what you are doing. As a Christian I have found that living practically gives people around me a stable place with which to view life and it’s nuances from a different perspective than what is often perceived in culture today. I think they feel secure in a world of instability. I reckon you have stumbled on the mystery that is the GOSPEL. Truth that not only says, here I am, but constantly unfolds like a wonderous flower slowly revealing something compelling. Would love to read your books. Where can one purchase them?
    Kevin R. Cairns Aust.


    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for the encouragement, and may God bless your life of testimony to Jesus Christ among your neighbors. My books can be purchased via Amazon.com or dowloaded as kindle. Whilst they do have a practical orientation, they are quite technical in places, (given the content). However, don’t let that intimidate you, if you just keep reading you will get the message. Anyway, every Blessing, Roland.


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