The future and the art of Being rich

Rich people have one thing in common–an uncanny ability to ‘predict’ the future. They seem to know the next new thing to invest in, can anticipate market declines/crashes earlier than many others, and always appear to have more financial successes than failures. At least, that’s how it ‘seems’. But the acquisition of wealth is not … More The future and the art of Being rich

The future: Has Anyone thought to ask God?

The future, who can fathom it? I was directly challenged at the end of a recent management course, to answer the question ‘What is your preferred future?‘ Interestingly, I was participating in a Christian course in moral transformation at the time, and strangely enough encountered this same question. In both instances, the question represented a … More The future: Has Anyone thought to ask God?

The lost truth of Christianity

It is a sobering experience to reflect on the plight of lost civilizations. Those once-great  human empires whose disappearance from the face of the earth seems to be shrouded in mystery. Civilizations like the Khmer  of Cambodia, the Mayans of South America, and the Mississippians of North America; sophisticated civilizations whose immense power and grandeur … More The lost truth of Christianity

The Myth of Ownership

In our modern world, we are led to believe all that we possess we ‘truly’ own. This notion of ownership is validated by contemporary dictionary definitions  that define ownership as: the act, state, or right of possessing something. It seems if you possess it ‘you’ own it! Contemporary views on ownership are also freighted with … More The Myth of Ownership