What is holding the Gospel back?

Why is the gospel faltering in the first world?  Many  would be quick to  blame the overall environment: The rise of secularism, philosophical postmodernism, political correctness, or the abandonment of the Judea-Christian ethic–the  world ‘out there’. But is Christianity really that ‘intrinsically’ weak, that it needs to be coupled to a sympathetic world to prosper? … More What is holding the Gospel back?

When I asked God What He ‘really’ thought about me!

Opportunities to ‘get real’ with God are rarely taken up. I suspect that many first world Christians are simply content to live out a tacit acknowledgement of Christ’s lordship, never wondering if there is more to discover, never desiring a closer walk with God, and never stopping to to ask ‘what if…’ But, what would … More When I asked God What He ‘really’ thought about me!

Enchanted Ground

Classic literary works never date. Among such works is John Bunyan’s 17th century classic Pilgrim’s Progress. It has endured the test of time because it powerfully captures the believer’s imagination, allegorically portraying the Christian’s life endeavour and representing it as a pilgrim’s journey to a heavenly promised land. In the story, the pilgrim, one named … More Enchanted Ground

The World’s Most Precious Commodity

What is the world’s most precious commodity? For the majority of the uncritical population, physical money might come to mind, with an acknowledgment that currencies like gold are the most precious. Of course, those less oriented toward material gratification might argue that natural resources such as: Fresh water, clean air, healthy ecosystems, or productive agricultural … More The World’s Most Precious Commodity

The future and the art of Being rich

Rich people have one thing in common–an uncanny ability to ‘predict’ the future. They seem to know the next new thing to invest in, can anticipate market declines/crashes earlier than many others, and always appear to have more financial successes than failures. At least, that’s how it ‘seems’. But the acquisition of wealth is not … More The future and the art of Being rich