The World’s Most Precious Commodity

What is the world’s most precious commodity? For the majority of the uncritical population, physical money might come to mind, with an acknowledgment that currencies like gold are the most precious. Of course, those less oriented toward material gratification might argue that natural resources such as: Fresh water, clean air, healthy ecosystems, or productive agricultural … More The World’s Most Precious Commodity

Resolutions and The Art Of Living

The turn of every new year is a time for making resolutions–promises to ourselves, aimed at reforming our shortcomings. Losing weight, saving money, watching less television, are usually ranked first among many such well-intended promises. All too often though, most of those new year’s resolutions fail to go the distance–it just ‘seems’ the contingencies of … More Resolutions and The Art Of Living

What God ‘really’ wants!

Religion is incessantly preoccupied with human enterprise. Missionary endeavours, social justice movements, building programs, music ministries, evangelistic crusades, spiritual conventions, academic pursuits, charitable endeavours of all kinds; all of which characterize the religion most Christians are familiar with. Indeed, once having been deemed to be ‘in a right standing’ with God through faith in Christ, … More What God ‘really’ wants!

The future and the art of Being rich

Rich people have one thing in common–an uncanny ability to ‘predict’ the future. They seem to know the next new thing to invest in, can anticipate market declines/crashes earlier than many others, and always appear to have more financial successes than failures. At least, that’s how it ‘seems’. But the acquisition of wealth is not … More The future and the art of Being rich

The future: Has Anyone thought to ask God?

The future, who can fathom it? I was directly challenged at the end of a recent management course, to answer the question ‘What is your preferred future?‘ Interestingly, I was participating in a Christian course in moral transformation at the time, and strangely enough encountered this same question. In both instances, the question represented a … More The future: Has Anyone thought to ask God?

Holiness: Beating the Pharisees at their own game

What is holiness? Like so many Christian concepts, holiness remains widely misunderstood. To some , it relates to the character of ‘saints’ like Mother Theresa, those super-stars who pursue a noble life beyond the realm of ordinary people, and for others on the other end of the scale, holiness represents ‘simply’ living like Jesus. But, … More Holiness: Beating the Pharisees at their own game

Holiness : Why most Christians live in moral failure

Do you recall the encounter between Jesus and the woman caught in adultery ( John 8)? Jesus exposes the hypocrisy of the Pharisees in their attempt to trick him into validating their actions against the woman, under the Jewish law. Foiling their plan, he then relents from accusing the woman, and graciously dismisses her with … More Holiness : Why most Christians live in moral failure