Is our world really out of control?

The recent events of significance around the world remind us that the world is an unstable place. But could the multitude of terrorist attacks in prominent Western cities, the ongoing conflict Syria, the constant threat of North Korean instability, and various other less prominent but equally significant local ‘crises’, implicitly embellished by the media as … More Is our world really out of control?

Taking the Bible for granted by being Biblical!

Australia has been affectionately dubbed ‘the lucky country’. Many Australians interpret the term lucky as a synonym for blessed—a land of ‘golden soils and wealth for toil.’  However, when Professor Donald Horne first coined this oft-misquoted phrase in his 1964 book The Lucky Country; he was actually implying the opposite. Horne believed Australia’s prosperity was … More Taking the Bible for granted by being Biblical!

Demystifying Christian Mysticism

Surprisingly, many conservative Christians recoil at the idea that Christianity might be considered mystical or even spiritual!  For these, the very thought of mysticism conjures up notions of delirious individuals caught up in a mindless state; controlled by religious cult leaders , mysterious eastern religions, or new age gurus.  As such, to entertain any form … More Demystifying Christian Mysticism

Spirit and Truth

Welcome to my blog: Spirit and Truth. I started this blog/website as a work in conjunction with my new book (still a work in progress) Spirit and Truth. A primary key to understanding divine truth is appreciating the indispensable role God’s Spirit plays in the process of understanding. This current project seeks to  discuss the … More Spirit and Truth