1. ridiculous. there have always been gay couples. What changed was that society decided to sanction one type of relationship and destroy the other – but somehow there were still gay couples. SO they tried all sorts of things – like prison, torture and simply killing all the gay people they could find. And twenty years later, there were gay people again, just like left handed people.

    Society wants to keep the gay pensioner’s money when he dies, they don’t want his property to go to his mate. They are greedy.


  2. I’ve had a gutful of this LGBTI filth.
    I’ve had it with their “straight hate speech’, their fear off all things hetrosexual, their Christian phobic rants and their pushing of the sodomite barrow of social destruction, particularly onto our children. Members of Government (both sides of the house) federal and state are bowing their knees to this filth. How did we end up with so many closet sodomites representing us and why are the others so weak kneed, yellow bellied and gutless to represent us as they should?


  3. What a very good article very researched and balanced and presentation. Another inevitability is that when man turns his back on God and his wise then it is always to the detriment of mankind and his culture God bless you You. Lionel


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