Subtle Deceptions: Relationship vs. Religion

Christians hate being called hypocrites. Hypocrites are people viewed as outwardly religious yet inwardly sinful; in some cases more ‘sinful’ than many non-believers. Hypocrites, it would seem, must have no valid relationship with God. In reaction to claims of religious hypocrisy, someone invented the saying, ‘Christianity is a relationship not a religion’. This represents a … More Subtle Deceptions: Relationship vs. Religion

The Christ-Centred Myth

I have lost count of the times I have heard the phrase Christ-centred  affirming the veracity of an allegedly indisputable theological maxim relating to the gospel.  Indeed, when  you think about it, how often do you hear people making theological assertions about something  being ‘….-centred’? I wager that scarcely a religious conference would pass without … More The Christ-Centred Myth

Windows, Mirrors, and the Christian Life

For those of us who have grown up watching children’s television in Australia, and have seen the ABC program Playschool, looking through a window (whether round, square, or arched) is a means of visually expanding our horizon, finding out about something we didn’t know before. Windows often provide us with a glimpse of an unfamiliar … More Windows, Mirrors, and the Christian Life

Taking the Bible for granted by being Biblical!

Australia has been affectionately dubbed ‘the lucky country’. Many Australians interpret the term lucky as a synonym for blessed—a land of ‘golden soils and wealth for toil.’  However, when Professor Donald Horne first coined this oft-misquoted phrase in his 1964 book The Lucky Country; he was actually implying the opposite. Horne believed Australia’s prosperity was … More Taking the Bible for granted by being Biblical!

Spirit and Truth

Welcome to my blog: Spirit and Truth. I started this blog/website as a work in conjunction with my new book (still a work in progress) Spirit and Truth. A primary key to understanding divine truth is appreciating the indispensable role God’s Spirit plays in the process of understanding. This current project seeks to  discuss the … More Spirit and Truth