Spirit and Truth

Welcome to my blog: Spirit and Truth. I started this blog/website as a work in conjunction with my new book (still a work in progress) Spirit and Truth.

A primary key to understanding divine truth is appreciating the indispensable role God’s Spirit plays in the process of understanding. This current project seeks to  discuss the manner in which the Holy Spirit enables human understanding of divine truth, and how appreciating this will not only give Christians a richer view of the Holy Spirit’s role in human understanding, but an awareness of the multiple dimensions through which understanding happens.

It is my intention to periodically present blog posts that might stimulate thought, discussion, and hopefully solicit helpful feedback; with also occasional posts reflecting on related theological topics. Although my blog posts are intended to help anyone with the most basic education, I make no apologies for using ‘big’ words or alluding to difficult concepts; as some aspects of truth cannot be presented simplistically.

I hope you find it stimulating, helpful, and somewhat encouraging? Stay tuned.

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