1. I agree there is much more to the sin of Ravi. It behoves us to look at sin, not just of adultery or sexual immorality, but those sins that also break the laws of God and that separate us from him and one another. Covetousness, greed and selfishness and a disdain to love our neighbour as Jesus taught us are everywhere in the western world and established Christianity which has accepted the ways of the secular culture they are immersed in. Who is not guilty? What does this tell us about our ”theology”? I suggest we get back to humbly responding in faith and obedience to Jesus our Lord and Saviour, and be one with the Father and Jesus, to live in us by the gift of God’s Spirit. Let us be drawn together and grow in the life and love of God. Theology and doctrine isn’t enough, we need God’s Spirit teaching us and empowering us to live like Jesus to the glory of God and wellbeing of all people.


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